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Want to remove white patches of a image

Asked by arjun
on 8 Jul 2014
Latest activity Edited by Image Analyst
on 3 Apr 2018

Guys, I have a problem this is a jewelry photo that i have uploaded what i need to do is remove the white bright spot that is often appearing on the gold surfaces as well as the gemstones, these are the reflection of the lighting setup. What i am planning to do is find out the region of high white intensity that is with RGB values over 220 and then replace them by the average shade of the pixels around them, thus removing those white patches. Is this possible? Thanks a lot guys.


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Answer by Image Analyst
on 8 Jul 2014
 Accepted Answer

This is a standard photography problem - not really a MATLAB problem. First of all, use diffuse illumination, like a softbox. Then, put a polarizing sheet in front of it and put a rotatable polarizer on the camera lens. Rotate the polarizer until the specular reflections go away. This is the well known "crossed polarizers" or "cross polars" method that so well known to any photographer. It's much better to prevent the problem in the first place than to fix it.
I don't know why you want to get rid of them anyway. In fact jewelry stores go to special efforts to get those glints and specular reflections to appear. They use multiple point sources of light to create them. You'll notice you will never see broad fluorescent lamp panels in a jewelry store because those don't create glints.


Exactly what do you want to do with that input image? I doubt some jewelry program will work for your image without some kind of adaptation. You may need a totally different algorithm.
Maybe you should start your own question and post your code and images there.
i want to remove the white bright in my eye picture, maybe you can help me, thanks before
nurul: The white spot is definitely gone in nurul's image, so I don't know what there is to "fix". It needs to be removed, and it was removed, so what's the problem?
emilia, you'd probably be best off starting your own question with your own image attached, NOT here (not anywhere on this page!) under nurul's question.

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