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Simulation of coupled partial differential equation using MATLAB.

Asked by Aditya Banerji on 16 Jun 2014
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I am trying to simulate a model for cake baking using a coupled mass and heat transfer system. The equations are as given in the attachment.
I need to find out profile for Temperature and moisture content(X). Please suggest a method which I can use. If you have any code which can be used, it would be of great help if you can give me that too.


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Answer by Bill Greene on 16 Jun 2014
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I took a look at your attachment and think I understand most, but not all, of the problem you are trying to solve (I don't understand the convection term in the PDE, for example).
My first thought was that you could use the pdepe function because it appears you have only one spatial variable, x. However, you have a non-diagonal "mass" matrix which pdepe can not handle.
I think that PDE Toolbox,
can probably solve this. You might want to start with this example:


I implemented the code as you had suggested and it is working. I had a further question which I posted here, Can you kindly look into this question too.
Hello, can you post your code here, or can you send me on private massage or e-mail. I really need example of solution two or more partial differential equation? I am working on phd thesis and I stucked witl solving partial differential equations.
Thanks in advance.

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