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SimMechanics Link addin not appear in Solidworks 2014

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Waleed El-Badry
Waleed El-Badry on 15 Apr 2014
Answered: Steve Miller on 6 Mar 2018
Hi I have matlab R2013a (win32) installed on my machine (Windows 8 64-bit). I installed the 32 bit version to have the simulink data acquisition blocks.
I followed the instructions to install SimMechanics link ( and both installation and registration was successful.
Unfortunately, the addin doesn't appear among Solidworks 2014 SP0. I tried to restart my laptop, but the problem persists.
All help is appreciated.

Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 6 Mar 2018
As stated above, the remedy was to perform clean install. --Steve

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