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How can I solve a PDE with given coefficients in time?

Asked by Giorgio
on 27 Mar 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Salah
on 22 Sep 2015
Hi, I have a ring conductor in 2D axisymmetric (a turn with a hole for the water cooling). I have a sinusoidal current at 11kHz. I solved the problem to get the distribution of the specific power with the function assempde. Now I want to solve the heat equation to see the distribution and the trend in time of the temperature. I have an FE mesh and the power is given in the center of each triangle. On external boundary I have convection and radiation and on the internal only convection. How can I deal with this problem? Thank you


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2 Answers

Answer by Bill Greene on 28 Mar 2014
 Accepted Answer

Take a look at this example:

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Hi Bill, In the example you have mentioned above (i.e. Nonlinear Heat Transfer In a Thin Plate), is there any way in Matlab to assign different heat transfer coefficients to different edges? Thanks for you help.

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Answer by Giorgio
on 2 Apr 2014

I resolved. My problem was to give the power for each triangle. Thank you Bill


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