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Is there a 3d equivalent of impoly and related functions?

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Richard Kennaway
Richard Kennaway on 25 Mar 2014
Answered: Marc on 26 Mar 2014
I need something like impoly that works in 3d. I imagine the polygon being drawn on a plane at right angles to the view direction and in front of everything else in the axes object, the result being the positions of the vertices in that plane's frame of reference, together with a transformation from there to the axis frame. Does anything like this exist?
In my intended application, there are no images present, 2d or 3d, just patches that I will be projecting the selected polygon over.
If it were possible to have a transparent axes object overlying another and use impoly on the first in front of my graphics in the second, that could work, but I don't think an axes can be transparent.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Mar 2014
No, I don't recall any 3D ROI-shaping utility. You'd have to mask the cube yourself by doing each of the 3 axes one at a time to cut out a shape in 3D as you described.

Marc on 26 Mar 2014
You may want to look at "geom3d" in the file exchange or simply google it. There is a lot of functions in this toolbox to create 3d shapes.

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