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Upload MATLAB GUI onto internet

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ANUBHAV SINHA on 5 Jul 2011
Hi, I have constructed a program in mfile that displays the steady-state or dynamic response (in the form of graph with time axis) of various machines(say) for a given set of inputs. I have also integrated this mfile with a MATLAB GUI in which the user enters the input values.
Now, I intend to upload this GUI on to the internet so that user from anywhere can access the GUI and can see the graphs generated for different types of machines. (1) How do I 'upload' this MATLAB-based GUI on internet? . (2) If I am successful in doing this, then would the user on internet also require to install MATLAB on his computer to run this? . (3) Any other platform other than MATLAB that you suggest for better program performance? .
Thanking you for your time.

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Waleed El-Badry
Waleed El-Badry on 5 Jul 2011
If you decide to run your code via internet, then you may use either Java or ASP.NET as a front end. Your questions are quite good as they explain the whole process:
  1. You need to have a PC running as a server (either buying a domain for 20 dollars a year or using your PC with static IP).
  2. You may convert all your M-files into library or classes using MATLAB Builder for JAVA or MATLAB Builder for .NET to be used as classes with all functions you use from MATLAB.
  3. You shall use as I mentioned earlier JAVA or ASP.NET(C# or VB) to build the GUI other than MATLAB GUI.
  4. The MATLAB builder will deploy MATLAB Component Runtime (MCR) which must be installed on the server.
It is quite easy to do such a thing. The below link is a quick start for you:
All you have to pay attention to is the data type conversion from MATLAB to the language you choose as your front end. MATLAB has good documentation regarding this.
Hope it helps.
Waleed El-Badry BSc., MCPD, CLAD, ISTQB CT,
Teaching Assistant in College of Engineering,
Misr University for Science and Technology

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