Having trouble using Simscape to solve a simple circuit

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Chris on 2 Dec 2013
Answered: Steven on 20 Oct 2015
I am trying to create a fluid flow analogy using electrical circuits to create a fluidic device with uniform flow characteristics. To start, I wanted to create a simple DC circuit with a single resistor and measure the current going through as well as the voltage drop. Once this is working I will expand the system to mimic the actual flow design. However, I cannot get this one to work at all, I am not sure if I am missing something or just really bad at this.

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Steven on 20 Oct 2015
You must be really bad at this, Just Kidding. I just got simscape a few days ago and it is a bit confusing. 1) You have to have a solver configuration block. 2) If you want to look at signals in scopes OR use regular simulink blocks you have to convert the signal with a PS to S block. The biggest help for me was looking in the help file, there are tons of examples, you can open them up and copy stuff out of them

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