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Hassan on 30 Jun 2011
I have an array which want to plot its histogram. the range of values are from 0 to 7. I want to put a text for eahc x value. I am getting the following error message:
??? Error using ==> mtimes Integers can only be combined with integers of the same class, or scalar doubles.
Error in ==> hist at 78 xx = miny + binwidth*(0:x);)
Hassan on 1 Jul 2011
Hi Drew. I think Im getting this error because of the data type which is int8 (and not int16 as I mentioned above by mistake).
No actually I used bar() to do that but wondered if I can do that using hist() as well.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 1 Jul 2011
Because your variable "array1" is of type int16, so is variable "LL." The hist() function doesn't seem to be able to manage type int16 input. (That's why you get the error.) You could try
>> hist(double(LL))
to get the histogram.
the cyclist
the cyclist on 1 Jul 2011
Since you have not include your actual data, it is difficult to know which is better, but another option is to use the second argument of the hist() function to specify the exact bin locations, which I am guessing correspond to your 7 labels.

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