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Server Startup Failures

If your server does not start when you execute webapps-start, it may be due to one or more of the following reasons.

License Manager

Your server will not start if you do not have a license manager running. For more information, check the logs listed in Server Logs.

To fix this issue, verify that you have a license manager running and that you have configured the license manager for use with the server using webapps-config.

SSL Configuration

Your server will not start if you do not have SSL configured correctly. For more information, see Enable SSL.

Authentication Syntax

Your server will not start if the webapps_authn.json file is not syntactically correct. For more information, see Authentication.

Previous Installation

If you previously installed the MATLAB® Web App Server™ product but failed to run webapps-uninstall from the system command-line before uninstalling the product from your system, your current installation of the server may not start.

Executing webapps-uninstall unregisters services and removes user accounts used by the services. Failing to execute webapps-uninstall results in orphan services and user accounts that cause your current installation of the server to not start.

To fix this issue, execute webapps-uninstall from the script folder of your current installation before setting up your new server using webapps-setup.

Operating SystemDefault Location of Command-Line Scripts

Windows® (Administrator)

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Web App Server\R2024a\script

Linux® (sudo)


macOS (Intel® processor) (sudo)


On Windows systems, you may also need to delete the USR folder located in C:\ProgramData\MathWorks\webapps\R2024a before starting the new server.

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