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(Not recommended) Information on available MDF groups and channels

The channelList function is not recommended and might be removed in a future release. Use mdfChannelGroupInfo and mdfChannelInfo instead. See Compatibility Considerations.



chans = channelList(mdfobj) returns a table of information about channels and groups in the specified MDF file.


channelList(mdfObj,chanName) searches the MDF file to generate a list of channels matching the specified channel name. The search by default is case-insensitive and identifies partial matches. A table is returned containing information about the matched channels and the containing channel groups. If no matches are found, an empty table is returned.

channelList(mdfObj,chanName,'ExactMatch',true) searches the channels for an exact match, including case sensitivity. This is useful if a channel name is a substring of other channel names.


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View all available MDF channels.

mdfObj = mdf('File01.mf4');
chans = channelList(mdfObj)
chans =

  4×9 table

                ChannelName                 ChannelGroupNumber    ChannelGroupNumSamples
    ____________________________________    __________________    ______________________

    "Float_32_LE_Offset_64"                         2                     10000
    "Float_64_LE_Primary_Offset_0"                  2                     10000
    "Signed_Int16_LE_Offset_32"                     1                     10000
    "Unsigned_UInt32_LE_Primary_Offset_0"           1                     10000

Filter on channel names.

chans = channelList(mdfObj,'Float')
chans =

  2×9 table

             ChannelName             ChannelGroupNumber    ChannelGroupNumSamples
    _____________________________    __________________    ______________________

    "Float_32_LE_Offset_64"                  2                     10000
    "Float_64_LE_Primary_Offset_0"           2                     10000
chans = channelList(mdfObj,'Float','ExactMatch',true)
chans =

  0×9 empty table

Input Arguments

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MDF file, specified as an mdf object.

Example: mdf('File01.mf4')

Name of channel, specified as a character vector or string. By default, case-insensitive and partial matches are returned.

Example: 'Channel2'

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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Information on available MDF channels, returned as a table. To access specific elements, you can index into the table.

Version History

Introduced in R2018b

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