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Delete descriptors from the loop closure detector

Since R2021b



deleteDescriptor(loopDetector,viewIDs) deletes the descriptors that correspond to the view identifiers viewIDs from the loop closure detector loopDetector. viewIDs is a vector of positive integers.


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Create a loop closure detector.

loopDetector = scanContextLoopDetector;

Create a Velodyne PCAP file reader.

veloReader = velodyneFileReader('lidarData_ConstructionRoad.pcap','HDL32E');

Read the first and second point cloud scans.

ptCloud1 = readFrame(veloReader,1);
ptCloud2 = readFrame(veloReader,2);

Extract the descriptor for the first point cloud and add it to the loop closure detector.

viewId1 = 1;
descriptor1 = scanContextDescriptor(ptCloud1);

Extract the second descriptor and add it to the loop closure detector.

viewId2 = 2;
descriptor2 = scanContextDescriptor(ptCloud2);

Delete the descriptor that corresponds to view identifier 2, from the detector.


Input Arguments

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Loop closure detector, specified as a scanContextLoopDetector object.

View identifiers, specified as a vector of positive integers.

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Version History

Introduced in R2021b