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Channel Data Import and Export

Use the Data Import / Export tab in your channel view to upload and download CSV data.

Import CSV Data

You can import data from a CSV file directly into a ThingSpeak™ channel.

To import data into a ThingSpeak channel:

  • Select Channels > My Channels.

  • Select the channel.

  • Select the Data Import / Export tab.

  • Choose a file.

  • Click Upload.

The CSV file must use UTF-8 encoding. Make sure your CSV file is properly formatted with these field headers. Use these values exactly, not your custom field names:

CSV imports are considered updates and consume messages in the same way as other updates. The CSV file is limited to 259,200 rows. The file must contain at least one row of data with a timestamp in the created_at column. Timestamps can be in one of these formats.

Epoch1494878628 (seconds elapsed since January 1, 1970)May 15, 2017, 20:03:48 UTC
ISO 86012017-05-15T20:03:48-05:00May 15, 2017, 20:03:48 EST
MySQL2017-05-15 20:03:48 UTCMay 15, 2017, 20:03:48 EST


  • If the timestamp includes a UTC offset, ThingSpeak uses this information to import data. If the timestamp does not have a UTC offset, specify a time zone.

  • All timestamps must be unique. If you submit duplicate timestamps, all of your updates are rejected; otherwise, only updates with timestamps already in the channel are rejected.

CSV File Example

Uploading this CSV data writes values to a feed with a timestamp of 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, January 1, 2018. The data sets values for fields 1, 3, 4, and 8, as well as for the elevation.


Export CSV Data

You can export the data from your channel to a CSV file.

To export all data from a ThingSpeak channel:

  • Select Channels > My Channels.

  • Select the channel.

  • Select the Data Import / Export tab.

  • Use the default or choose a time zone for the export.

    The feed data is exported in the time zone you select in your account profile as the default. You can select a different time zone for the export using the drop-down box. See Account > My Profile to change your default time zone. See Time Zones Reference for a list of standard time zones.

  • Click Download.

The file has the following fields:


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