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Simulate Mobile Robot with System Composer Workflow

Along with other tools, System Composer™ can help you organize and link requirements, design and allocate architecture models, analyze the system, and implement the design in Simulink®. This example provides model files, requirement links, requirement sets, a profile, an allocation set, and an analysis function. You can use these files for the steps of the following tutorial presenting the early phase of development of an autonomous mobile robot.

  1. Organize and Link Requirements: Set up the requirements based on market research.

  2. Design Architectural Models: Create architecture models to help organize algorithms and hardware.

  3. Define Stereotypes and Perform Analysis: Define stereotypes and performing system analysis to ensure that the life expectancy of the durable components in the robot meets the customer-specified mean time before repair.

  4. Simulate Architectural Behavior: Create a Simulink model to simulate realistic behavior of the mobile robot.

This workflow is represented by the left side of the model-based systems engineering (MBSE) design diagram.

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