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Number of chart executions during which condition is valid




count(C) returns the number of times that the chart has woken up since the conditional expression C became true and the associated state became active.


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Transition out of the associated state when the variable x has been greater than or equal to 2 for longer than five chart executions.

[count(x>=2) > 5]

Stateflow chart that uses the count operator in a transition.

Store the number of chart executions since the variable x became greater than 5.

   y = count(x>5);

Stateflow chart that uses the count operator in a state.


  • The Stateflow® chart resets the value of the count operator if the conditional expression becomes false or if the associated state becomes inactive.

  • When a chart in a Simulink® model does not have input events, the value of count depends on the step size. Changing the solver or step size for the model affects the results produced by the count operator.

  • To ensure that your Stateflow chart simulates without error, do not use count in these objects:

    • Continuous time charts

    • Graphical, MATLAB®, or Simulink functions

    • Simulink based states

    • Transitions that can be reached from multiple states

    • Default transitions

Version History

Introduced in R2019a