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Control chart execution with the at operator





at(n,E) returns true only at the nth occurrence of the base event E since activation of the associated state. Otherwise, the operator returns false.

In a chart with no input events, at(n,tick) or at(n,wakeup) returns true if the chart has woken up for the nth time since activation of the associated state.

The at operator resets the counter for E to 0 each time the associated state reactivates.


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A status message on appears at exactly 10 CLK cycles after activation of the state.

on at(10,CLK): status('on');

A transition out of the associated state occurs only on broadcast of a ROTATE event, at exactly 10 CLK cycles after activation of the state.



  • You can use quotation marks to enclose the keywords 'tick' and 'wakeup'. For example, at(5,'tick') is equivalent to at(5,tick).

  • Use of at as an absolute-time temporal logic operator is not supported. Use the after operator instead. For more information, see Use the after Operator to Replace the at Operator.

Introduced in R2014b