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DC Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicles with Solar Cogeneration

This example models a DC fast charging station with solar cogeneration connected with the three battery packs of electric vehicles (EV).

This example comprises four main components:

  • Grid - Model the AC supply voltage as a three-phase constant voltage source.

  • Solar Generation - Model the solar pack as parallel strings of series - connected cells.

  • DC Fast Charging Station - Model the power electronic circuits to convert the AC supply voltage from the grid to the DC voltage level that the EV battery pack requires.

  • EV battery pack - Model the battery pack as series of battery cells.

Model Overview

Open the model DCFastChargingStation.slx

Simulation Results from Simscape Logging

The plot shows the DC bus voltage and current, battery terminal voltage, charging current, and state of charge (SOC). Each EV battery pack has a different charging current and initial SOC.

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