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Validate signals in instrument object

Since R2020b



instrument_object = validate(instrument_object,rtApplication) validates the instrument object against the signals present in the real-time application. The validate operation outputs the list of signals that are present in the instrument object, but are not available in the real-time application.


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For input instrument object mySignals that contains named signals Integ_out, Integ1_out, and Integ2_out, check whether the named signals are available in real-time application slrt_ex_osc. Any unavailable signals are added to the output instrument object unavailSignals.

unavailSignals = validate(mySignals,'slrt_ex_osc')

Input Arguments

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The input instrument_object argument identifies the object to validate. To create an instrument object, use the Instrument function.

Example: hInst

The rtApplicationName argument identifies the real-time application that contains the signals listed in the input instrument object. The validation identifies any signals in the input instrument object that are not available in the real-time application.

Example: slrt_ex_osc

Output Arguments

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The output instrument_object argument identifies the object for validation information.

Example: hInst

Version History

Introduced in R2020b