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Specify encoding to use in code generated from Simulink models



slCharacterEncoding(encoding) specifies the character set used in the code generated from Simulink® models. The character set encoding affects the comments in the generated code.

encoding = slCharacterEncoding() returns the current Simulink character set encoding.


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Suppose that you generate code for an embedded target and the compiler you use requires that the source code contain only ASCII characters.

Use this command:


Suppose that you have a model that contains non-ASCII characters (multilingual characters, special symbols) and you want these annotations to be easily readable in your generated code.

If your compiler supports UTF-8, on Windows®, use this command:


UTF-8 is the default encoding on Linux® and Mac.

Suppose that your model contains Japanese text but your machine is configured for an English-language locale. You want to generate code with 'Shift_JIS' encoded text so that your team members who use 'Shift_JIS' as their locale-specific encoding can see the Japanese text in the generated code.

Use this command:


Input Arguments

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Set the character encoding to a supported encoding value.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a