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Variable Initialization

Initialize block variables prior to simulation and verify results

The Simscape™ solver computes the initial conditions for model simulation by finding initial values for all the system variables to satisfy all the model equations. You can affect the initial conditions computation by specifying the priority and target initial values for block variables. You can also initialize variables for a whole model from a saved operating point. After you initialize the block variables and prior to simulating the model, you can open the Variable Viewer to see which of the variable targets have been satisfied.


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simscape.op.createCreate operating point by extracting data from model or from logged simulation data
simscape.op.OperatingPointOperating point object containing hierarchical target data for variable initialization
simscape.op.TargetVariable initialization target object
setAdd or update element of operating point
getAccess element of operating point data tree
relativePathGet path to node associated with block or subsystem
hasPathDetermine whether operating point data contains element at specified path
removeRemove element from operating point
moveMove element from one path to another
mergeCreate operating point by merging data from two operating points
hasPrivateDataDetermine whether operating point data contains private data elements
removePrivateDataRemove private data elements from operating point