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Generate Report for SimBiology Program Results

For analysis results generated by each program in the SimBiology Model Analyzer, you can generate a customizable report that contains the program setups, results, plots, and information about the model and data used by the program.

To include the information about the model and data used by a program in the report, you need to save such information prior to running a program. Select the corresponding save option in the Model and Data sections of the program as shown next. These options also ensure that the report reflects the model and data at the time the results were generated and that any subsequent modifications to the model or data are not included in the report.


Saving the model and data information increases the size of the project. You can check what information have been saved by opening the Project tab, which shows a summary of saved models and data and lets you remove them. For details, see Check Saved Models and Data of Project.

Model section with Save option selected.

Data section with Save option selected.

After a program run, in the Browser pane, right-click the LastRun folder (or any other saved folder). Select Generate Report.

LastRun context menu, with the Generate Report item

Next, in the Generate Report dialog, you can customize which information to include in the report. Click OK and the app generates an HTML file as a report. The app saves the customization options you chose in the project so that they are available across MATLAB® sessions for the same program result. To configure the default settings of the dialog, go to Preferences > Report Generation.

Check Saved Models and Data of Project

The Project tab has a summary of saved models, data, and the corresponding size information for each program. To open the tab, double-click the Project icon in the Browser pane.

Browser pane, with Project icon highlighted.

The Project tab provides a summary of project content, corresponding sizes, and tables of saved model and data. To remove any of the saved models or data, right-click the corresponding row under Cached Models or Cached Data and select Delete. Once you delete, the app will not be able to include the corresponding model or data information in future reports.

Project tab, including a Cached Model context menu with the Delete item highlighted.

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