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Import SBML-formatted file


modelObj = sbmlimport(File)


modelObj = sbmlimport(File) imports File, a Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML)-formatted file, into MATLAB and creates a model object modelObj.

File is a character vector or string specifying a file name or a path and file name supported by your operating system. File extensions are .sbml or .xml.File can also be a URL, if you have the Java® programming language.

sbmlimport supports SBML Level 3 Version 1 and earlier.

For functional characteristics and limitations, see SBML Support.

Input Arguments


Character vector or string specifying either of the following:

  • File name or path and file name supported by your operating system

  • URL


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Load the lotka model.

m1 = sbmlimport("lotka.xml");

Get the adjacency matrix of the model.

[M,Headings] = getadjacencymatrix(m1)
M = 
   (5,1)        1
   (5,2)        1
   (6,3)        1
   (7,4)        1
   (1,5)        1
   (2,5)        1
   (2,6)        1
   (3,6)        1
   (3,7)        1

Headings = 7x1 cell
    {'x'        }
    {'y1'       }
    {'y2'       }
    {'z'        }


Finney, A., Hucka, M., (2003). Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) Level 2: Structures and facilities for model definitions.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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