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Create generated code report for model with Simulink Report Generator



rtwreport(model) creates a report of code generation information for a model. Before creating the report, the function loads the model and generates code. The code generator names the report codegen.html. It places the file in your current folder. The report includes:

  • Snapshots of the model, including subsystems.

  • Block execution order list.

  • Code generation summary with a list of generated code files, configuration settings, a subsystem map, and a traceability report.

  • Full listings of generated code that reside in the build folder.


rtwreport(model,folder) specifies the build folder, model_target_rtw. The build folder (folder) and slprj folder must reside in the code generation folder. If the software cannot find the folder, an error occurs and code is not generated.


Create Report Documenting Generated Code

Create a report for model rtwdemo_secondOrderSystem:


Create Report Specifying Build Folder

Create a report for model rtwdemo_secondOrderSystem using build folder, rtwdemo_secondOrderSystem_grt_rtw:

rtwreport('rtwdemo_secondOrderSystem', ...

Input Arguments

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Model name for which the report is generated, specified as a character vector.

Example: 'rtwdemo_secondOrderSystem'

Data Types: char

Build folder name, specified as a character vector. When you have multiple build folders, include a folder name. For example, if you have multiple builds using different targets, such as GRT and ERT.

Example: 'rtwdemo_secondOrderSystem_grt_rtw'

Data Types: char

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Introduced in R2007a