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Architecture and Component Design

Design software systems by developing algorithms intended for generated code deployment, rapid prototyping, or real-time simulation

Use Simulink® and Simulink Coder™ to design models that you can use for rapid-prototyping, real-time simulation, or deploy and run as an application in a desktop or embedded target environment.

To avoid or minimize rework, in the Simulink Editor, construct models considering code generation from the beginning of the design process. Consider software design factors and issues, such as modeling styles for different scheduling scenarios, products and blocks that support code generation, code generation treatment of Simulink modeling semantics, and importing existing code.


  • Design Preparation
    Divide software problem into parts and map aspects of embedded system architecture to Simulink modeling environment elements
  • Application Interfaces
    Set up application interfaces for interacting with target environment software
  • Simulink Modeling Components
    Modularize generated code by using Simulink component-based modeling options and reuse techniques
  • Modeling Guidelines and Block Usage
    To design models for code generation and deployment, use modeling guidelines and supported blocks
  • External Code Import
    Choose and apply options for importing external MATLAB, C, or C++ code
  • Timers and Scheduling
    Learn how the code generator supports absolute and elapsed timers and time- and event-based scheduling