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Plot passivity of S-parameters object



passivity(s) plots the passivity of S-parameter object, s over a range of frequencies specified in s.Frequencies. Passivity is measured by the two-norm of the frequency-dependent transfer function H(f).

[ns,violationindex] = passivity(s) plots the passivity and returns the data of the passivity plot.


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Read the file, sawfilter.s2p.

S = sparameters('sawfilter.s2p');

Plot the passivity of the 2-by-2 S-parameters.


Input Arguments

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S-parameters, specified as an RF Toolbox™ s-parameter function object. To create this type of object, use the sparameters function.

Output Arguments

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Two-norm transfer function H(f) at each frequency in s.Frequencies, returned as a column vector.

Data Types: double

Frequencies indices where passivity is violated (norm(H)>1), returned as a column vector.

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced in R2019a