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Characteristic information about controllerPurePursuit object

Since R2019b



controllerInfo = info(controller) returns a structure, controllerInfo, with additional information about the status of the controllerPurePursuit object, controller. The structure contains the fields, RobotPose and LookaheadPoint.


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Use the info method to get more information about a controllerPurePursuit object. The info function returns two fields, RobotPose and LookaheadPoint, which correspond to the current position and orientation of the robot and the point on the path used to compute outputs from the last call of the object.

Create a controllerPurePursuit object.

pp = controllerPurePursuit;

Assign waypoints.

pp.Waypoints = [0 0;1 1];

Compute control commands using the pp object with the initial pose [x y theta] given as the input.

[v,w] = pp([0 0 0]);

Get additional information.

s = info(pp)
s = struct with fields:
         RobotPose: [0 0 0]
    LookaheadPoint: [0.7071 0.7071]

Input Arguments

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Pure pursuit controller, specified as a controllerPurePursuit object.

Output Arguments

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Information on the controllerPurePursuit object, returned as a structure. The structure contains two fields:

  • RobotPose – A three-element vector in the form [x y theta] that corresponds to the x-y position and orientation of the vehicle. The angle, theta, is measured in radians with positive angles measured counterclockwise from the x-axis.

  • LookaheadPoint– A two-element vector in the form [x y]. The location is a point on the path that was used to compute outputs of the last call to the object.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b