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Test Apps

Use the app testing framework to write automated tests for App Designer apps

You can use the MATLAB® app testing framework to test App Designer apps, or apps built programmatically using the uifigure function. The app testing framework lets you author a test class that programmatically performs a gesture on a UI component, such as pressing a button or dragging a slider, and verifies the behavior of the app.

To get started, see Overview of App Testing Framework.


pressPerform press gesture on UI component
choosePerform choose gesture on UI component
dragPerform drag gesture on UI component
scrollPerform scroll gesture on UI component (Since R2024a)
typeType in UI component
hoverPerform hover gesture on UI component
chooseContextMenu Perform choose gesture on context menu item (Since R2020b)
dismissAlertDialog Close frontmost alert dialog box in figure window (Since R2021a)
matlab.uitest.unlockUnlock figure locked by app testing framework
matlab.uitest.TestCase.forInteractiveUseCreate test case for interactive use


matlab.uitest.TestCaseClass for writing tests with app testing framework


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