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Control paged output for Command Window


more on
more off
A = more(state)


more on enables paging of the output in the MATLAB® Command Window. MATLAB displays output one page at a time. Use the keys defined in the table below to control paging.

more off disables paging of the output in the MATLAB Command Window.

more(n) defines the length of a page to be n lines.

A = more(state) returns in A the number of lines that are currently defined to be a page. state can either be 'on' or 'off', or the number of lines to set as the new page length.

By default, the length of a page is equal to the number of lines available for display in the MATLAB Command Window. Manually changing the size of the command window adjusts the page length accordingly.

If you set the page length to a specific value, MATLAB uses that value for the page size, regardless of the size of the command window. To have MATLAB return to matching page size to window size, type more off followed by more on.

To see the status of more, type get(0,'More'). MATLAB returns either on or off, indicating the more status.

When you have enabled more and are examining output, you can do the following.

Press the...


Return key

Advance to the next line of output.

Space bar

Advance to the next page of output.

Q (for quit) key

Terminate display of the text. Do not use Ctrl+C to terminate more or you might generate error messages in the Command Window.

more is in the off state, by default.

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Introduced before R2006a

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