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Call Web Services from MATLAB Using WSDL

Communicate with Web services using WSDL (Web Services Description Language)

A WSDL document uses a standard format to describe a server's operations, arguments, and transactions. To use the server APIs in MATLAB®, use the matlab.wsdl.createWSDLClient function, which creates a MATLAB class.


matlab.wsdl.createWSDLClientCreate interface to SOAP-based web service
matlab.wsdl.setWSDLToolPathLocation of WSDL tools



Error Handling

Troubleshooting programs accessing WSDL documents.

Limitations to WSDL Document Support

RPC-encoded WSDL documents, documents that the Apache® CXF program cannot compile, and documents that import other WSDL documents that contain WSDL type definitions are not supported.

W3C status codes for HTTP errors

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