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Connect License Server with MATLAB on the Cloud

If you already have an on-premises license server, you can connect MATLAB® running in the cloud with a network license manager running on the existing server. (For information about running the network license manager on the cloud instead, see Configure License Manager for MATLAB on Cloud Platforms).


Follow these recommendations when installing the network license manager:

  • Do not expose the commands to run the network license manager to the Internet or an untrusted network.

  • Start the network license manager so that local administrator access is required to run the shutdown procedure. See the procedure in Start Network License Manager.

Set Up License Server

Make the server modifications.

  1. On the on-premises license server, you must have a secure connection enabled so that the cloud machine with MATLAB can communicate with the on-premises server. Use a VPN or direct connect and make sure that the server port is open. The license manager may be running on any port between 27000-27009, or on a specific port that is specified on the SERVER line in the network.lic file.

  2. In the network.lic file, edit the DAEMON line to include a port number. Make sure that port is also opened.

    Contact Support if you require additional assistance. Otherwise, go on to the next step.

Set Up Machine Running MATLAB

  1. Disable online licensing.

    On the client machine, find license_info.xml and rename it to something else. License files are generally located in $MATLAB/licenses, where $MATLAB is the MATLAB root.

  2. Create license file that points to the server.

    1. Open the network license file (license.dat) on the server.

    2. Copy the SERVER line into a new text file.

    3. Beneath it, add USE_SERVER. The file should now look something like this:

      SERVER Server1 0123abcd0123 12345
    4. Save the new text file as network.lic in folder $MATLAB/licenses, where $MATLAB is your MATLAB root.

  3. Verify that the license is pointing to the server correctly by running MATLAB.

You have completed this procedure. Contact Support if you require additional assistance.

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