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Install Products on Client Machines


This section is for license administrators only.

To install MATLAB® on user (client) computers, you must be an administrator for the license or licenses that you want to use when you install MathWorks® products. You must have a MathWorks Account and the license (or licenses) must be linked to that account.

To determine whether you are an administrator for one or more network licenses:

  1. Sign in to your MathWorks Account.

  2. Select a license in the displayed list.

  3. Click "Contact Administrator(s)".

  4. If you see your name there, you are one of the administrators on that license. If you do not see your name and would like to be added, contact one of the names on the list.

If you want a member of staff to perform the installation and they do not have a MathWorks Account or access to the license, have them follow the workflow for an offline installation (see table below).

If the user on a network license is installing the software for themselves, see Have End Users Install Products.

Before You Begin

Install Network License Manager

Your organization may have a mix of individual, designated computer, and network licenses. If you are installing MATLAB on client machines using a network license, you must install the network license manager first. Doing so makes it easier to verify your MATLAB installations, because you can confirm the client computers are accessing the license server correctly at the time of installation.

For more information and procedures for installing the network license manager, go to Administer Network Licenses.

Get Network License

You must place a copy of the configured network license (license.dat) on the user's machine (or on a network share) before you can install MathWorks products for them. This network license file was processed during the installation of the network license manager for your organization, meaning it contains the correct SERVER line for the network license server you are using. For more information, see License Processing.


Do not use the original license file you received in the licensing email and do not forward the licensing email you received from MathWorks to users.

You can get the file installation key from License Center and a copy of the network license file (license.dat) from the server hosting your network license manager. The configured license is necessary to point the user's MATLAB to the license manager.

Choose Installation Procedure

Use the following table to choose an appropriate MATLAB installation procedure.

Type of InstallationProcedures

Online (internet connected)

Place a copy of the network license on the user's machine (see above).

If you select this option, you can follow the online installation procedure as documented in Download and Install MATLAB with the following difference:

During the online installation, when prompted, specify the network license linked to your account. The installer recognizes it as a network license and prompts you for the license file. Enter the path to the license file and click Next to continue installing.


Follow the instructions in Download Products Without Installing and Install MathWorks Products on Offline Computer. Make sure to select the network license when prompted.

This workflow is appropriate if you want a staff member, who may not have a MathWorks Account, to install the software for the user.

Install in silent mode.

Instead of performing the installation interactively and providing the information requested by each dialog box, you can run the installer noninteractively. In this mode, you enter all required information into a properties file.

Perform Silent Installation of MATLAB from Command Line

Multiple Releases

You can install multiple releases on the same machine. For example, the machine can have both R2022a and R2022b, or R2022b and the prerelease of R2023a.

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