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Image model object from image object



imgmodel = getimagemodel(himage) returns the image model object associated with image himage. If himage does not have an associated image model object, then getimagemodel creates one.


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Read an image into the workspace.

h = imshow('bag.png');

Retrieve the image model associated with this image.

imgmodel = getimagemodel(h)
imgmodel =
IMAGEMODEL object accessing an image with these properties:

       ClassType: 'uint8'
    DisplayRange: [0 255]
     ImageHeight: 250
       ImageType: 'intensity'
      ImageWidth: 189
    MinIntensity: 0
    MaxIntensity: 255


Input Arguments

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Target image, specified as a handle or array of handles to image objects.

Output Arguments

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Image model, returned as an imagemodel object. If himage is an array of handles to image objects, then imgmodel is an array of image models.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a