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Fluid Network Interfaces Library

Components that connect networks and domains

Use these blocks to connect different domain networks. You can connect multiple domains with interface blocks to make use of features in either library.

If a specific component does not yet exist in a domain library, you can build your own using the Simscape™ language. For more information, see Creating Custom Components.

Simscape Blocks

Interface (2P-G)Two-phase fluid and gas network interface (Since R2021a)
Interface (2P-TL)Two-phase fluid and thermal liquid network interface (Since R2021a)
Interface (TL-IL)Connection between thermal and isothermal networks (Since R2020a)
Interface (2P-MA)Two-phase fluid and moist air network interface (Since R2022a)
Interface (G-MA)Gas and moist air network interface (Since R2022a)