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Programmatic Workflow

Command-line functions for code generation and configuration and using HDL workflow script for end-to-end workflows

At the command line, you can generate HDL code for Simulink® models by using the makehdl function. If you want to deploy the generated code to a target FPGA device, you can use the HDL Workflow Advisor. You can export the workflow settings to a script and then run the workflow at the command line. To learn more, see Run HDL Workflow with a Script.


hdlcoder.WorkflowConfigConfigure HDL code generation and deployment workflows
hdlcoder.TimingGeneratorBase class to implement custom tool and device support for critical path estimation reporting (Since R2024a)


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makehdlGenerate HDL RTL code from model, subsystem, or model reference
makehdltbGenerate HDL test bench from model or subsystem
hdladvisorDisplay HDL Workflow Advisor
hdlcoder.runWorkflowRun HDL code generation and deployment workflow
exportGenerate MATLAB script that recreates the workflow configuration
setAllTasksEnable all tasks in workflow
clearAllTasksDisable all tasks in workflow
validateCheck property values in HDL Workflow CLI configuration object
hdlsetupSet up model parameters for HDL code generation
hdlsetuptoolpathSet up system environment to access FPGA synthesis software
hdlset_paramSet HDL-related parameters at model or block level
hdlget_paramReturn value of specified HDL block-level parameter for specified block
hdlsaveparamsSave nondefault block- and model-level HDL parameters
hdlrestoreparamsRestore block- and model-level HDL parameters to model
hdldispmdlparamsDisplay HDL model parameters with nondefault values
hdldispblkparamsDisplay HDL block parameters with nondefault values
hdlcleanupClear all HDL code generation states (Since R2021a)
genhdltdbGenerate timing databases for specified target device, device speed grade, and synthesis tool (Since R2021a)


Using Command-Line Interface

Using HDL Workflow Script

HDL Block Properties