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Stateflow Blocks

Create HDL-ready algorithms using blocks in Stateflow® library

The HDL Coder block library contains many blocks that you can add to your develop your Simulink® modeling environment and develop your HDL algorithm. You can also model state transitions and events and integrate them with your HDL algorithm in the Simulink environment. The blocks include Chart (Stateflow), State Transition Table (Stateflow), Truth Table (Stateflow), and Sequence Viewer (Stateflow).

To filter the Simulink Library Browser to show only HDL-supported blocks, enter hdllib.


hdllibDisplay blocks that are compatible with HDL code generation


Generate HDL for Mealy and Moore Finite State Machines

Considerations for generating HDL code from Mealy and Moore state machines.

Design Patterns Using Advanced Chart Features

Design patterns that take advantage of advanced features for efficient HDL code generation.

Introduction to Stateflow HDL Code Generation

Describes Stateflow support for HDL code generation.

Hardware Realization of Stateflow Semantics

How chart semantics are represented in generated HDL code; rationale for restrictions on charts that target HDL code generation.