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Display date entries



datedisp(NumMat,DateForm) displays the matrix with the serial dates formatted as date character vectors, using a matrix with mixed numeric entries and serial date number entries. Integers between datenum('01-Jan-1900') and datenum('01-Jan-2200') are assumed to be serial date numbers, while all other values are treated as numeric entries.


CharMat = datedisp(NumMat,DateForm) displays the output matrix CharMat.


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This example shows how to display dates for serial date numbers.

NumMat = [ 730730, 0.03, 1200, 730100;
           730731, 0.05, 1000, NaN]
NumMat = 2×4
105 ×

    7.3073    0.0000    0.0120    7.3010
    7.3073    0.0000    0.0100       NaN

01-Sep-2000   0.03   1200   11-Dec-1998   
02-Sep-2000   0.05   1000      NaN        

Input Arguments

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Numeric matrix to display, specified as numeric values for serial date numbers.

Data Types: double

(Optional) Date format, specified as a character vector. See datestr for available and default format flags.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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Character array representing the matrix, returned as an array. If no output variable is assigned, datedisp prints the array to the display.


This function is identical to the datedisp function in Financial Toolbox™ software.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a