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Code Appearance

Control identifiers, code style, comments, and function and file banners in generated code

Modify configuration parameters that control aspects of code appearance and style, such as comment style, data type casting mode, and indentation style. For parameters that control code appearance and style, see Embedded Coder Capabilities for Code Generation from MATLAB Code.

Generate custom banners and trailers, and comments, before code sections by customizing a code generation template (CGT) file. See Generate Custom File and Function Banners for C/C++ Code.


coder.setupMISRAConfigConfigure parameters to improve generated code compliance with MISRA and AUTOSAR guidelines


coder.MATLABCodeTemplateRepresent code generation template for MATLAB Coder


Code Comments


File Names

Code Style

Control Data Type Names

Code Templates


MATLAB Code Patterns That Require a Nonempty Initialize Function in Generated Code

Code generation fails when you choose not to include the initialize function, even though the custom code for the generated initialize function is empty.