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Design and simulate streaming signal processing systems

DSP System Toolbox™ provides algorithms, apps, and scopes for designing, simulating, and analyzing signal processing systems in MATLAB® and Simulink®. You can model real-time DSP systems for communications, radar, audio, medical devices, IoT, and other applications.

With DSP System Toolbox you can design and analyze FIR, IIR, multirate, multistage, and adaptive filters. You can stream signals from variables, data files, and network devices for system development and verification. The Time Scope, Spectrum Analyzer, and Logic Analyzer let you dynamically visualize and measure streaming signals. For desktop prototyping and deployment to embedded processors, including ARM® Cortex® architectures, the toolbox supports C/C++ code generation. It also supports bit-accurate fixed-point modeling and HDL code generation from filters, FFT, IFFT, and other algorithms.

Algorithms are available as MATLAB functions, System objects, and Simulink blocks.


About DSP System Modeling

Featured Examples


Frame-Based Processing in Simulink
How to process signals as frames in Simulink.

How to Filter Signals in Simulink
How to filter signals in Simulink using tunable and nontunable filters in DSP System Toolbox.

Model Multirate Systems in Simulink with DSP System Toolbox
Model multirate systems in Simulink using multirate blocks in DSP System Toolbox.