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Access financial data from data service providers

Datafeed Toolbox™ provides access to financial data, news data, and trading systems. You can establish connections from MATLAB® to retrieve historical, intraday, or real-time data streams and then perform analyses, develop models and financial trading strategies, and create visualizations that reflect financial and market behavior.

You can use the streaming and event-based data in MATLAB to build automated trading strategies that react to market events via industry-standard or proprietary trade execution platforms. The toolbox includes functions for analyzing transaction costs, accessing trade and quote pricing data, defining order types, and executing orders.

Supported data providers include Bloomberg®, FRED®, Haver Analytics®, Quandl®, and Refinitiv™. Supported trade execution platforms include Bloomberg EMSX, Trading Technologies® X_TRADER®, Wind Data Feed Services (WDS), and CQG®.


About Datafeed Connections


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