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Retrieve Historical Data Using Haver Analytics

This example shows how to connect to Haver Analytics® and retrieve historical data.

Connect to Haver Analytics

Connect to Haver Analytics using a daily file.

c = haver('c:\work\haver\haverd.dat');

Retrieve All Historical Data

Retrieve all historical data for the Haver Analytics variable FFED. The descriptor for this variable is Federal Funds [Effective] Rate (% p.a.).

variable = 'FFED'; % return data for FFED

d = fetch(c,variable);

Display the first three rows of data.

ans =

     715511.00          2.38
     715512.00          2.50
     715515.00          2.50

d contains the numeric representation of the date and the closing value.

Retrieve Historical Data for a Date Range

Retrieve historical data from January 1, 2005, through December 31, 2005, for FFED.

fromdate = '01/01/2005'; % beginning of date range for historical data
todate = '12/31/2005'; % ending of date range for historical data 

d = fetch(c,variable,fromdate,todate);

Close the Haver Analytics Connection


Open the Haver Analytics User Interface

Use the havertool function to open the Haver Analytics User Interface. You can observe different Haver Analytics variables in a chart format.

c = haver('c:\work\haver\haverd.dat');


For details, see the havertool function.

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