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Set up application state shared by all MATLAB Runtime instances created in current process



bool mclInitializeApplication(const char **options, int count) sets up the application state shared by all MATLAB® Runtime instances created in the current process. The function takes an array of char* C-style strings (possibly of zero length) specifying additional MATLAB Runtime options and a count specifying the size of the string array.


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In the main function of your C/C++ application code, call mclInitializeApplication to start all MATLAB Runtime instances:

/* Call the mclInitializeApplication routine. Make sure that the application
 * was initialized properly by checking the return status. This initialization
 * has to be done before calling any MATLAB APIs or MATLAB Compiler SDK
 * generated shared library functions.
if (!mclInitializeApplication(nullptr, 0))
	std::cerr << "Could not initialize the application." << std::endl;
	return -1;


mclInitializeApplication must be called once only per process. Calling mclInitializeApplication more than once may cause your application to exhibit unpredictable or undesirable behavior.

In the main function of your C/C++ application code, call mclInitializeApplication to start all MATLAB Runtime instances with the -nodisplay option:

const char *args[] = {"-logfile", "mylogfile.txt"};
if (! mclInitializeApplication(args, 2))
           "An error occurred while initializing.");
   return -1;  

Input Arguments

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MATLAB Runtime options, specified as an array of char* C-style strings. The array may contain the following MATLAB command line switches.

  • -automation

  • -jdb portnumber

  • -logfile filename

  • -noFigureWindows

  • -nosplash

  • -r statement

  • -regserver

  • -softwareopengl

  • -unregserver

In addition to the above, the following options are valid on Linux®.

  • -debug

  • -display xDisp

  • -nodisplay

  • -nojvm

  • -singleCompThread

The switches have the same meaning as they do when used in MATLAB. For details, see the matlab function for your platform.


When running on Mac, if -nodisplay is used as one of the options included in options, then the call to mclInitializeApplication must occur before calling mclRunMain.

Example: {"-singleCompThread", "-nodisplay"}

Size of the options string array, specified as an integer.

Example: 2

Output Arguments

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Initialization result, returned as a boolean value. Result indicates whether or not initialization was successful. If the function returns false, calling any further compiled functions results in unpredictable behavior.

Version History

Introduced in R2009a