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Building Satellite Communication Systems in MATLAB for Start-Ups and Enterprises


With a multitude of opportunities for satellite communications start-ups to gain momentum as the demand for global connectivity is growing, it is crucial to leverage the cutting-edge technology for designing and modelling end-to-end satellite communication systems.

Join our expert-led webinar to explore capabilities of MATLAB for satellite system design. This session will provide valuable insights into how the Satellite Communications Toolbox and RF Blockset can be harnessed to create sophisticated designs tailored for dynamic scenarios such as aircraft - satellite constellation handoffs. Attendees will gain practical knowledge through a hands-on demonstration, showcasing the power and flexibility of MATLAB.

Overview of Satellite Communications System Design in MATLAB:

  • Satellite Communications Toolbox: learn the capabilities, get an insight in how to address common and complex challenges in designing satellite systems, and see how you can easily automate the creation of robust communication links and testing and validation of protocols.
  • Overview of RF Blockset Workflow: learn about the workflows within the RF Blockset that enable detailed modeling and simulation of RF frontend components together with antennas and arrays, crucial for accurate representation of real-world hardware performance.
  • Aircraft Handoff Scenario Simulation: observe a practical use case where an aircraft communicates with a constellation of satellites. Experience how the model can estimate high level quality characteristics of the link (Power, SNR, EVM...) and how these can be used for controlling the handoff process.

About the Presenters

Dr. Alvaro Blanco del Campo is a Technical Expert at MathWorks EMEA and specializes in the domain of Radio Frequency. He has over 15 years of experience designing, building, testing and validating Radio Frequency systems, from signal generation to antenna design for civil and military applications. Alvaro is a Telecommunications Engineer and holds a doctorate in High Resolution Radars, obtained at the Technical University of Madrid. 

Dr. Ahmad Saad is with the application engineering group at MathWorks specializing in wireless communications and signal processing. Prior to joining MathWorks, he was a researcher and team lead at the Fraunhofer Society in Munich, Germany, where he was involved in the design and modeling of cognitive communication systems with applications in ultra-reliable industrial and vehicular connectivity. He obtained his Ph.D. in communication systems, which was jointly supervised by the Fraunhofer Society and the University of Augsburg in Germany.

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Building Satellite Communication Systems in MATLAB for Start-ups and Enterprises

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