Video and Webinar Series

New Ways to Work in Simulink

Simulink® has improved significantly over the last 5 years to address your growing needs. This video series will introduce you to many new capabilities that will enable you to simplify your work and improve your development. You will learn about new features for editing, componentizing, modeling run-time software, speeding up your simulations, analyzing simulations, running algorithms on hardware, managing projects, and managing design data.

Introduction and New Simulink Features Learn about the major new Simulink capabilities from the past 5 years that will help you work more effectively and efficiently.

Editing and Building Models Quickly Discover tools that will help you save time as you build and refine your Simulink models.

Componentize Your Design Develop complex designs through system componentization, concurrent development, sharing, and reuse.

Model Run-Time Software Learn new capabilities to model, simulate, and target Simulink components for embedded software frameworks.

Speed Up Simulations Learn new capabilities to run Simulink simulations faster and enhance your productivity.

Analyze Simulations Learn new capabilities to analyze and understand simulation results.

Run Algorithms on Hardware Learn new capabilities to run your algorithms on hardware.

Manage Projects Using Automation and Source Control Learn new capabilities that will help you manage complexity in your project development.

Manage Design Data See what's new in Simulink to manage design data.

Upgrade Simulink to the Latest Release See what's new with every Simulink release, try the latest features, and upgrade to the latest release.

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