Video and Webinar Series

Getting Started with S-Parameters

In this video series, you will learn how to use RF Toolbox™ to import, manipulate, and visualize S-parameters. Using examples that describe the most typical RF engineering tasks, discover how to use S-parameter data to build and analyze networks of RF components, determine the impulse response, and fit the data with an equivalent Laplace transfer function.

S-Parameter Import, Plotting, and Writing Import S-parameters data, access and visualize data, and import and save Touchstone files.

Concatenation of S-Parameter and Networks Concatenate S-parameters data, and build and analyze arbitrary networks of RF components.

Termination of S-Parameter Networks Interpolate S-parameters and connect networks to model the effects of impedance loading.

S-Parameters to Impulse Response Check and enforce passivity, fit S-parameters data, and extract an equivalent impulse response.

Transmission Line S-Parameter Generation Use behavioral models of transmission lines to determine the S-parameter data, group delay, and line impedance.