Get ready-to-use clusters with MATLAB Parallel Cloud

MATLAB Parallel Cloud™ allows you to run your applications that use parallel for-loops (parfor) and other Parallel Computing Toolbox™ features on MATLAB® workers (MATLAB computational engines) running on MathWorks® Cloud. Develop your application on a multicore computer using Parallel Computing Toolbox, and scale up to the cloud with just a few clicks in MATLAB. Using MATLAB Parallel Cloud saves you the work and capital costs of setting up and running your own computer cluster hardware. With MATLAB Parallel Cloud, you can access files stored on MATLAB Drive™.

MATLAB Parallel Cloud is currently available only to users in the United States and Canada.



  • Ready-to-use instances running MATLAB workers on MathWorks Cloud

  • Compute-optimized 16-core machines with 60GB RAM

  • Sign up at no cost, and pay only for what you use

  • Monthly billing from MathWorks covering software and hardware usage

Each machine can provide up to 16 workers. 

Pricing is calculated per session-hour. Sessions are defined as a period of activity is defined as the time between the start and termination of a parallel pool or batch job. Each partial session-hour for each machine used is rounded up and billed as a full machine hour.

Sign Up and Access

MATLAB Parallel Cloud is available as a preconfigured cluster profile in Parallel Computing Toolbox.

To sign up:

  • Go to the Home tab in the MATLAB Toolstrip
  • Click Parallel > Default Cluster and select the new MATLAB Parallel Cloud profile

You will be guided through a one-time sign up process*, where you will be asked to log into your MathWorks Account and provide credit card and billing information. There is no charge for signing up, and you will be billed only for your usage (i.e., when you have an open parallel pool using the MATLAB Parallel Cloud profile).

Learn more about pricing, billing, and usage monitoring for MATLAB Parallel Cloud.

* Note that currently only customers in the United States and Canada can complete the sign up process. Student and home licenses are not eligible.