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FMU Builder for Simulink

Create standalone Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) from Simulink models and C/C++ source code

With FMU Builder for Simulink support package, you can create standalone Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) from your design. Then, configure the generated FMUs to comply with either FMI 2 or FMI 3 specifications.

With FMU Builder, you can:

  • Create standalone FMUs from Simulink models or C/C++ source code  
  • Create nested FMUs
  • Use structured I/O signals and run-time tunable parameters
  • Validate exported FMUs  
  • Integrate your Simulink model with third-party simulation environments

FMU Builder is an add-on product for Simulink Compiler and is only available with MATLAB release 2023b or newer. For older releases, use Simulink Compiler directly to create standalone FMUs.

Create Standalone FMUs from Simulink Models

Generate fixed-step or variable-step standalone FMUs from your Simulink model to co-simulate with a third-party simulation environment. The standalone FMU contains a binary shared library compiled from your model and, optionally, the C source code.

Use Simulink to create a tool-coupling FMU for co-simulating Simulink models with third-party software.

Create Standalone FMUs from C/C++ Source Code

Generate a standalone co-simulation FMU from the source code directly. Use the S-function builder to create your own C/C++ implementation to model the behavior of a system or create a wrapper to invoke existing C/C++ source code or libraries. Use the command line API to generate the FMU. The generated FMU from the source code is FMI 3 compliant.

Use Structured I/O Signals and Run-time Tunable Parameters

Preserve the run-time tunable parameters of your Simulink model as FMU interface parameters. Map structured parameters and nonvirtual bus signals to structured FMU variable names.

Validate Exported FMUs

Verify that exported FMUs function as expected by bringing them back into Simulink for testing and validation.