Data Acquisition Toolbox

Supported Hardware - Advantech

Note: Beginning with R2016a, MATLAB is no longer available on 32-bit systems. Because the existing adapters for Advantech data acquisition hardware are 32-bit only, this hardware is currently only supported by Data Acquisition Toolbox R2015b and earlier. For a list of supported data acquisition hardware, see Hardware Support from Data Acquisition Toolbox.

The Data Acquisition Toolbox supports the Advantech 32-bit DLL drivers. We recommend that you visit the Advantech Web site to download the latest driver updates for your particular device. The latest drivers often include bug fixes and resolve compatibility issues.

The table below lists the hardware supported by the latest release of the Data Acquisition Toolbox. If you have an earlier version of the toolbox, refer to the Minimum Release or Version Required column in the table to see if a device is supported by the version of the toolbox you own. You may need to update to the latest version of the toolbox to use a particular device.

Note: You must use the Legacy interface and the 32-bit version of Data Acquisition Toolbox and MATLAB to use Advantech data acquisition hardware. The 32-bit versions of Data Acquisition Toolbox and MATLAB can be installed on a 64-bit Windows OS.

If you do not see your specific hardware device listed below, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. For specific information about a device listed here, please visit the Advantech Web site.

  • ISA
  • PCI

Supported Hardware

Bus/Form FactorProduct NameMinimum Release or Version Required
ISAPCL-1800R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-711BR14 (version 2.5)
PCL-720R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-722R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-724R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-725R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-726R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-727R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-728R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-730R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-731R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-733R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-734R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-735R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-812PGR14 (version 2.5)
PCL-813BR14 (version 2.5)
PCL-816R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-816DAR14 (version 2.5)
PCL-818HR14 (version 2.5)
PCL-818HDR14 (version 2.5)
PCL-818HGR14 (version 2.5)
PCL-818LR14 (version 2.5)
PCL-833R14 (version 2.5)
PCL-836R14 (version 2.5)
PCIPCI-1710R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1710HGR14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1710HGLR14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1710LR14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1711R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1711LR14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1712R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1712LR14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1713R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1720R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1730R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1733R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1734R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1750R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1751R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1752R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1753R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1753ER14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1754R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1756R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1760R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1761R14 (version 2.5)
PCI-1762R14 (version 2.5)