Vicon DataStream SDK

An SDK that provides access to Vicon data in real time from within MATLAB


  • Simple access to Vicon data - kinematics and devices
  • Support for 32 and 64 bit Windows, Linux, and OSX using C++ shared library
  • Users can track markers and rigid bodies of markers and then acquire the data in real time in MATLAB


Vicon’s DataStream® SDK provides a documented way for MATLAB® users to access control system evaluation or biofeedback data as it is recorded by Vicon in Nexus or Tracker applications.

Vicon motion tracking systems are used for a diverse range of applications—from life sciences to entertainment and various engineering disciplines. In engineering applications such as ergonomics, immersive reality and UAV and robotics, Vicon systems ensure your end-to-end solutions are as seamless and efficient as they can be.   In life sciences, Vicon systems have provided support since the first gait analysis system offered in 1980.

In robotics research, Vicon data is often used as a ground truth measurement. Engineers can analyze the efficacy of the robot control system using MATLAB. The Vicon DataStream SDK includes a set of functions as C++ shared libraries and which are callable from MATLAB directly. Example code is provided showing users how to open connections to the Vicon acquisition software; either Tracker or Nexus, acquire data, and close connections using simple commands.  Advanced analysis can then be done with MATLAB as needed.  Vicon also has expertise in helping customers combine Vicon tracking data with Simulink modeling for advanced HIL testing applications.

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  • Data Acquisition Systems


  • Control Systems
  • Data Acquisition or Import
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