Financial Canvas

Dataflow environment to build and run MATLAB models


  • Intuitive model building with a user-friendly interface
  • Efficient development and rapid calculation of complex analysis
  • Improved awareness and implementation of MATLAB® toolboxes
  • Transparent model structure and auto-documentation
  • Full flexibility and access to the underlying MATLAB code
  • Integrate models on the Canvas and/or call the Canvas API to integrate Canvas models into a system


Financial Canvas® is a visual object-oriented modeling environment for building mathematical analyses for actuarial, investment, and machine learning tasks. It’s generic in nature and feedback is requested from those interested in using this framework for models in other fields.

A project is created by connecting pre-built blocks that use the MATLAB toolboxes for deep numerical capability. Supplemented by our library of classes, this helps analysts and actuaries without programming expertise to point and click on a solution. We include a range of pre-built projects that can easily be adapted to meet changing needs. MATLAB users can run the product as MATLAB code files with full access to the underlying classes, creating flexibility to add customized functionality. The API is available to help run completed models from systems.

The visual flow chart of the calculation engine makes it easy to check and understand the model at each stage of the calculation. Key inputs and outputs can be dragged to a dashboard to create a GUI that can be shared with colleagues. The outputs can also be exported to presentation tools of choice, including the Studio environment. Please visit the web site at for more details and to try some of the online dashboards for free.

The product is built in MATLAB and requires MATLAB to run the Model View Controller architecture. We also make significant use of the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox across the models so this a common requirement. Thereafter the toolboxes required will depend on the nature of the analysis that you want to carry out. Our models make good use of several toolboxes in the areas of optimization, curve fitting, finance and econometrics (see those listed as recommended products) to solve many actuarial and investment problems.


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  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • Data Acquisition or Import
  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Computational Finance
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