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Matlab tools to analyse and plot Space Weather Modeling Framework (SWMF) BATS-R-US output.

Functions to change aspects of Quiver plots in Matlab.Color, length of vector, length of head and angle of the head can easily be changed.

I provide two functions.SetQuiverColor and SetQuiverLength.The function SetQuiverColor is heavily based on the answer by Suever found on Stackoverflow forum

Implements the MATLAB given quiver/quiver3 function adding a color coding depending on magnitude

function to make the way the script works easily understandable.quiverC3D creates a 3D quiver plot and adds a color coding. The color coding isgiven by the absolut values of the component vectors. Large


version 1.0.1

by Kim Dohyun

Color quiver based on magnitude or angle.Also, support uniform sampling by averaging or taking the fastest velocity within each grid cell.

patches which are used for drawing heads and tails.quiv = cquiver(x, y, u, v, 'cdata', 'angle') set color based on angle.quiv = cquiver(x, y, u, v, 'sampling', h) plots quiver plotat uniform grid where grid

This is a modified version of the function quiver3 with color plot.

This is a modified version of the function quiver3 to plot velocity vectors as arrows with components (U,V,W) at the points (X,Y,Z) with the color corresponding to C data. From the idea of Suever:

Plotting of colored 3D arrows based on patch command

This function allows plotting of colored 3D arrows by generating patchdata (faces “F”, vertices “V” and color data “C”). The patch data whichallows plotting of 3D quiver arrows with specified (e.g.

Quiver plot with filled triangles head

QUIVER_TRI(x,y,u,v,headsize,headangle,width) same as before, plus% setting of the quiver body width%% QUIVER_TRI(x,y,u,v,headsize,headangle,width,col) same as before, plus% setting of the color%% See also QUIVER.

Quiver vector plot with reference vector showing scale

Quiver vector plot function with reference vector showing the scale of the vector magnitude. Scale location adjustable as well as units. Best used foe publication or technical papers when color is an

Quiver (vector) with a reference vector or color code on a map or Cartesian axes.

This function is a substitute for the standard versions of quiver and quiverm available using a vanilla release of matlab. This version assumes a 2D vector field is being plotted using a gridded flow

Maps unit vectors into corresponding RGB color on the RGB cube. Intended for visualizing normal vectors on 3D point clouds or mesh data.

Maps unit vectors into corresponding RGB color on the RGB cube. Intended for visualizing normal vectors on 3D point clouds or mesh data as color instead of quiver3 which is sometimes hard to see the

Produce a 3D quiver of arrows with many visualization options

This quiver3D differs from the basic quiver3 in that it allows far more options for visualization. Based on the 'surf' command, you can produce color-based visuals of your data via the multiple

This function can be used to create various plots of errors related to Lab color coordinates.

This function can be used to illustrate error values related to datapoints of CIE-L*a*b* color coordinates. A larger error is plotted by a larger marker, or in quiver plots by longer vectors.This is

This function provides an improvement over the QUIVER3 technique for visualizing 3D vector fields.

and contain the corresponding position and velocity% components. QUIVER3D automatically scales the arrows to fit.% % QUIVER3D(X,Y,Z,U,V,W,COLOR) provides an input argument for coloring%

Creates a color quiver plot with arrows colors according to the magnitude of the vector.

This is a modified version of the function quiver [from C.M. Thompson] to plot velocity vectors as arrows with components (u,v) at the points (x,y) with the color corresponding to the magnitude of

Generates a quiver plot colored according to vector magnitude and/or user specified axis boundaries.

quiverwcolorbar adds functionality to the original quiver function by assigning color to the arrows according to the vector magnitude. The corresponding colorbar spans the minimum and maximum values

quiver with color w/r to mag with colormap an NaN support.

Draws a quiver plot with arrows whose colors are w/r to the default color map and the magnitude of the data. It displays a colormap whose limits accurately reflect the data. Works with NaNs.



by DS

Plot a 2-D vector field, where color is defined by a colormap and indicates vector magnitude.

vfield_color(image,x,y,u,v,scale,cmap) See also QUIVER, FEATHER, VFIELD** The current implementation doesn't return handles to the graphics objects created by vfield.

Plot real 3d arrows from .stl file. Similar to quiver

h=vector3d(X,Y,Z,U,V,W,'Property','Value',...) Plot 3d vectors (real 3d) from .stl file to specified location and direction. basically same usage as quiver3. Property/value pairs are passed to

Exports 2D/3D image volume, vector field, surface, lines, polygons, etc. to ParaView

delaunayTriangulation(x(:), y(:), z(:)); vtkwrite('execute', 'polydata','tetrahedron', x, y, z, DT.ConnectivityList); The usage of vector and scalar field input is the same as built-in quiver3 and scatter3 function,

A simple, easy-to-use visualization tool for vector fields. ベクトル場の発散、回転を可視化表示します

This demo allows the user to input an arbitrary 2-D vector field as a function of Cartesian (x,y) and/or polar coordinates (r,t). The value of the vector field is shown with arrows using the QUIVER

Visualize/plot dial / gauge / meter rendered within MATLAB using OpenGL

0.1255],'LineWidth',5,'HeadStyle','plain');quiver(xStart,yStart,deltaX, deltaY,... 'LineWidth',5,... 'MaxHeadSize',0.3,... 'color',[1 0 0])scatter(xStart,yStart, 'filled','k' )axis equalaxis offhold offendfunction plotPolarGrid(maxGrid,



by Sven

Aligns adjacent faces in a triangulated mesh surface or volume

num2cell(squeeze(allFacNorms)',1); facCents = num2cell(squeeze(mean(facets,1))',1); facEdgeSize = mean(reshape(sqrt(sum(edgeVecs.^2,2)),[],1,1)); figure patch(fv,'FaceColor','g','FaceAlpha',0.2), hold on,

Vectorized and flexible arrow plot function in 2-D

The function also accepts any standard patch parameter/value pair like 'FaceColor', 'EdgeColor', 'LineWidth', etc.It can be used to plot a personalized arrow at coordinates X,Y with length L and azimuth

FRENET - Frenet-Serret Space Curve Invarients

hold on quiver3(x,y,z,T(:,1),T(:,2),T(:,3),'color','r')quiver3(x,y,z,N(:,1),N(:,2),N(:,3),'color','g')quiver3(x,y,z,B(:,1),B(:,2),B(:,3),'color

Same as quiver but in color.

Same as quiver but in color.