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Bit plane Encoding of an Image

version 1.0.2 (3.23 KB) by Sandhanakrishnan R
Bit plane encoding of an image uses run length coding algorithm to get the number of runs of zeros and ones in each plane.


Updated 09 Oct 2019

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An image is taken and converted into grey scale . Eight bit planes of an Image is extracted using bitget() function. For each plane , number of runs of zeros and ones are encoded. These encoded format is stored in a structure for all eight plane with first column representing the number of ones or zeros and the second column representing the bit one / zero. Also run length coding can be done. Also I have uploaded a matlab script check.m which can be used to find proper encoding of the original script

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Kesavaraj V

Kesavaraj V




This Version has the zip format . No update in the code.


Small correction in check.m. Rest all is the same.

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